• Check to make sure that your props are on the correct motors:

                     For the 1306 motors make sure the props with 'R' on them are on the motors with the Silver dot (Motors 1, and 4)on the shaft. The props

                     without the 'R' on them are for the other motors (Motors 2, and 3)

                     For the 1105 motors the same follows with the exception that motors 1, and 4 do not have silver dots on them.

    • Check that your motors are turning in the correct direction:

                        Motors 1 and 4 should be turning clockwise.

                        Motors 2 and 3 should be turning counter-clockwise.

                        If they are not spinning in the correct direction please check your soldering of the motors and swap out any two wires on the motors

                        that are not spinning correctly.  (alternatively you can change motor direction in BLHeli suite.)

        If you are still having issues with your Atom behaving badly, open a ticket at https://rotorx.freshdesk.com